Feeling on the blah side of things this morning. I’m having a love/hate relationship with this new shared classes system. On one hand, it’s nice to split my day between 2 classes. It keeps me refreshed with the students and adds some variety to the day. On the other hand, most days I have to teach the same thing 2 times. I am so tired of Jack and the Beanstalk. I hate Classic Tales sooooooooooooo much. And today is stupid pointless sentence unscrambling and I have to do it 2 times and NOOOOOOOOOO.

It’s Friday though, so that’s good. I’m feeling kinda gross though because I had chicken and beer with some co-workers last night. Since waking up, my stomach has felt off. I look forward to eating clean and exercising more next week. I need to get back to my boring yet more adult lifestyle that I had started to establish.

Weekend plans are kind of up in the air. I’m going to go to Cheonan tonight. I’ll probably sleep for most of tomorrow because I haven’t been sleeping well all week. When BF finishes work we might see a movie or go to the jimjilbang or just eat and sleep. We talked of biking in Seoul Forest on Sunday, but not sure if that will really happen. In any case, I just want to relax.

I guess the yoga teacher at my gym got a boob job. She was admiring her new profile in the mirror, then was surrounded my ajummas asking to see and touch. She lifted up her shirt and bra and displayed it for all, whether they liked it or not (but it seemed like everyone liked it.) Everyone was “oohing” and “ahhing.” I think someone asked her about her ability to make breast milk. It’s weird what I can understand from conversations sometimes. Anyways, that was definitely the most interesting part of my day.

I’ve been a little down in the dumps this week. Part of it is because BF has been working late every night and we haven’t been able to Skype or even talk much. I know it’s not a big deal, but I’m a creature of habit, for better or for worse. As for the rest of why I am feeling blue, I don’t really know. I think it’s related to the weather and the changing season. I also think it’s because my gym schedule was so disrupted recently, including Monday when I had been planning to jump back into it. I’m definitely more lively and energetic when I’m exercising regularly. Next week, praying that there are no further disruptions, I will start running daily again. That ought to make me feel better. In the meantime, I have wine and episodes of Project Runway, so I think I’ll let that cheer me up temporarily.

Still awake and lying in bed thinking about fried chicken and why BF hasn’t called yet. I knew he was working late but kind of expected to hear from him by now.
Went to the gym for the first time in ages. There were 2 new foreign girls there and overhearing them talk, I realized how hissy English can sound.
I feel a little seasonal depression crawling in as the days get shorter. I’ve been feeling the urge to drink alone more often but I am trying to resist it. Things are going fine at school. There are issues but I’m not the one receiving criticism for once.
This is a disjointed post. Gnight.


Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters.



I can’t decide if I hate Urban Outfitters because everyone who works there is a complete idiot or because if they’re not idiots, they’re just shamelessly offensive wastes of meat.

The store offered a one-of-a-kind Kent State University sweatshirt splattered with red coloring for $129. The tactless garment is a clear reference to the 1970 killing of four students protesting the Vietnam War by the Army National Guard at the Ohio school.

As of early this morning, the Urban Outfitters website said the item was sold out.


I’m just picturing the conversation as these sweatshirts came out of the boxes.

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Are you f ing kidding me?

Ha. The internet repair guy came 10 minutes early and had fixed the problem in about 5 minutes (5 painfully long and awkward minutes). Turns out I was right, the modem wasn’t working. He set up the new one and that was that. I’m glad that’s over with and I’m glad I have internet again, but not so glad I had to miss the gym. And then on the way home, everyone was frustrated about things that had happened at work today, so our principal was twisting our arm to have beer with him this week. If that means another day of missing the gym, I will be really annoyed.

Now, what to do with this free time…