Fuckin’ rollercoaster

My co-teacher told me that the student with a broken leg will come back today, though she wasn’t supposed to come back until November. She is also supposed to be joining a different class, but her mom said she feels embarrassed about her cast and doesn’t want to study with new kids. So that means I have to teach the class, which I thought was cancelled, with one student, for the rest of the month. I get that it’s my job and that’s what I should be doing anyways, but after thinking all morning that I would have an easy and free afternoon, this news was not welcomed.

Ugh. And the rain. MONDAY YOU SUCK SO MUCH!

This weekend was pretty good. BF and I managed to get along swimmingly with no arguments. I think staying in Bundang on Fridays can help with that sometimes. I suppose after so many weekends in a row of traveling to Cheonan, I was craving some alone time.

Anyhow, today was nice. We slept in super late, had brunch, and then BF went to get his hair cut. That boy needs a trim like every 2 weeks. I wish my hair grew that fast. I think I need to get my roots touched up before long, but for now they’re alright. While he was at the salon, I decided to put all of my summer clothes away and unpack the winter ones… It was a hard process, haha. I am not ready to admit that winter is coming. I also was depressed to see how unexciting my winter wardrobe was. Luckily, the plan for the rest of the day was to do some shopping in Pangyo.

I got a nice white and black cardigan, a black sweatshirt, and a plaid button-up. I really wanted to find a light jacket, but I’m starting to think investing in a heavy coat will be wiser. I hate this in between time when the mornings and nights are so cold, but my classroom gets super warm in the afternoon. 

Anyways, it’s getting late but I’m waiting for BF to text me “goodnight” and then I’ll go to sleep. Monday-Wednesday is super easy at work right now because of my cancelled class, but I have a feeling the supervisors will find some rearrangement to give me more teaching hours. I should try to enjoy it while it lasts.

omghardship uhh I appreciate the concern? But it’s not really a big deal or frequent occurrence. I just stay in bundang on Fridays once in a while and sometimes my 1 friend can’t hang out with me because she has a life. As for my activities whilst drinking alone, they usually include writing emails to friends, chatting with them on kakao, or watching movies/TV.

Sometimes I really don’t understand my body. Last night I had 3 glasses of wine and I felt pretty toasted and went to bed not long after. Tonight I had about 4 beers and shared 2 bottles of soju with BF, and I feel totally normal and probably could drink more if I had to. Perhaps it’s an issue of drinking alone vs. drinking socially?

Today was pretty lazy. I rolled around in bed until late into the afternoon. Finally got up, got dressed, and went to the gym. I did a pretty light workout, but I guess it’s better than not going at all. I love going on Saturdays because it’s so empty and I can use every machine without waiting. I came home and grabbed a sandwich from Subway. Ate that and then cleaned my house. I probably should have spent more time cleaning, but I thought I was in a rush because BF would be here in an hour… HA! Of course not. He didn’t even leave Cheonan until after 9:30. So, I’m just sitting here waiting for him now. But it’s alright.

That sandwich was my only real food today, so of course I’m feeling hungry again now. I’m trying to think of what I want to eat so that I won’t annoy BF with my indecisiveness. I’m going to try really hard to keep my moodiness in check this weekend. It would be really nice to have no arguments and to have a clean conscience on Sunday night. I’ve spent too many Sundays feeling like a bad GF recently.

However, I am still feeling pretty emotional and unstable due to thinking a lot about my future. I wrote a longish email to my sister where I really opened up and talked to her about how I was feeling. I wrote a couple of emails to friends too.. But no one has responded. I understand that sometimes it’s hard, especially to sit down and respond to something so heavy. I hope to hear back from someone this week, though.

Today was “Sport’s Day” at my school. Most of you know the drill. It can be a fun day or an awkward day depending on the moms of your class. I really lucked out this year! Most of the moms from my class were really sweet and welcoming. Many of them spoke English quite well, so we had some pleasant conversations about their little darlings.

I really do love all of my Kindi students this year, even though a few of them can drive me nuts sometimes. In the morning, the weather was so chilly, but after standing around in the hot sun for hours, I broke a sweat and may have obtained a sunburn as well. We ate a huge potluck lunch of pizza, fried chicken, various salads, kimbap, grilled meats, and other goodies. I was in a total food coma for the rest of the day. Having Elementary classes after all of that was a drag.

Anyways, I convinced myself to go to the gym. Then I stopped by Kim’s Club on my way home. To my delight, they were having a sale on wine. 2 bottles of red for 10,000. You bet your ass I bought ‘em. Now, for a lazy night in. Since BF and I have been having a little tension lately, I thought it would be best to give both of us a little space. He’ll come to Bundang tomorrow and hopefully we’ll have a nice rest of the weekend together.