Last night was fantastic and strange.

I met up with my friend and we ate some chicken and had a few beers. We then headed over to the pub where my other friends were performing. The show was great! I had a lot of fun dancing and the crowd was really into it. I felt so proud of my friends, hehe. Being at that pub was like a trip down memory lane, though. First of all, I hadn’t been there in ages, whereas I used to go there EVERY weekend during my first year in Korea. I also saw tons of old friends from my first hagwon. It probably would have been awkward for me, but I had drank about 3 shots of tequila and was feeling good and chatty, so I had some great conversations with people I hadn’t seen in forever. Everyone was so festive, even the owner of the bar was drinking shots and giving them to us for free.

Of course, my monthly visitor decided to pay a visit, and this morning I was hung over and suffering from lady pains. I tried to get up around 10, but I was crippled by pain and couldn’t do much besides roll around in bed and chat on Kakao. I finally got up, took some Tylenol, drank a bottle of water, and took a shower. After that, I felt human again so I ran some errands and gave my apartment a much-needed tidying. I’m feeling even better now that I’ve had some coffee and snacks. I haven’t eaten a proper meal today but I will have dinner with BF when he gets here in about an hour. Time to go out on the town again… But I don’t think tequila will make an appearance tonight.

The yellow hair is finally starting to grow on me. I started getting really sick of the students making comments about it though. “Teacher! Hair is changed… WHY?” Uhhh… I just started telling them I suddenly woke up like that. But Gym Teacher said it was beautiful, so that made me feel a little better.

I just got home from the gym and changed into fresh clothes. I’m waiting for my friend to get here so we can eat chicken and have drinks on a roof and then go to a pub to watch my friend perform. I’m probably going to drink too much tonight but that’s ok.

Woohoo, FRIDAY!


Is it just me or has August just been a very unexceptional month?

I’m blaming a lot of this rut on the fact that I haven’t had my own Kindi class all month. The lack of routine in my days has left me feeling lazy and unmotivated. I also think my body knows winter is approaching fast and has gone into fat storage mode. I want to eat everything in sight. This could also be due to my special lady time coming up, but either way it’s no bueno. 

And to make matters worse, I just agreed to have drinks and dinner with my co-worker tonight. This will make day 2 of not going to the gym this week. Oh well, I’ll make up for it by going tomorrow and Saturday.

Speaking of which, my awesome friend Ryan/Saul Goode/member of Part Time Cooks will be performing at the Traveler’s Pub in Bundang tomorrow night. If anyone is interested in going, I’ll be there and I can give you the deets!

I also have a co-worker’s wedding to attend on Sunday. It shall be a busy weekend. I hope starting my new class on Monday gets my ass in gear. I must gym everyday and stop eating everything just because I see it!

Anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, but what are the education requirements to teach in Korea? Like do you have to have a bachelor's degree? I tried to look it up online but cant really find a good answer. Thanks in advance :)

Yep, that’s all you need at this point in time.

I was an Art History major with no teaching experience… Unless you count babysitting and working at a few summer camps.